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Bauernstube 1889
Bauernstube 1989
Bauernstube 1989
Zimmer alt 1995
Bauernstube 2002
Wintergartenbau 2000
Wintergartenbau 2000
Bauernstube 2015
Gourmet Event
Neubau 2020
Wintergartenbau 2000
Umbau 2020

Our history

We are a family business since 1987 in the 1st generation

The Träbeser farmhouse parlor was built in 1961 as a cultural center.

From 1961 to 1965 the mayor of Träbes had his seat here.

The lower part of the building was used as a kindergarten, with a small kitchen, meals could be prepared here.

The upper floor was developed as a hall and had a small bar, which was used for school trips, fire brigade and village festivals.

At the back of the Träbeser farmhouse there was a village shop, which we continued to run for about a year.

From 1965-1987 there were a few changes of tenants with different concepts in the Trabeser Bauernstube.

On September 1st, 1987 we, Heike and  Joachim Back, the inn reopened. Up to this point, the inn only had two small guest rooms with a total of around 40 seats. The kitchen was very small and not fully equipped.  The toilets were not separated and there were only three small cabins. Due to the lease agreements in the GDR, we were not allowed to convert or renovate the building.

From 1987 - 1989 we could only offer minimal food, coffee and cake due to the small kitchen.

The guest room was large enough for small family or company celebrations of a maximum of 40 people.

From 1989 - 1992 we continued to run the Träbeser Bauernstube as tenants.  In the same year we were able to buy the Trabeser farmhouse.

From 1992-1995 we started to build on and renovate the Trabeser farmhouse. We have enlarged the kitchen by adding it to the side of the farmhouse room. In this construction project we were able to completely renovate and separate the toilets.  

From 1995 - 2000 was  the small hall converted into hotel rooms by us.  

All rooms are equipped with a shower and toilet and are located above the parlor.

In 2000  we consecrated  then also our large conservatory.

This gave us the opportunity to organize larger celebrations and at the same time to accommodate and entertain hotel guests.

From 2009 to 2020 we then started planning for the future. How should things continue with the Trabeser farmhouse?

Our son Enrico is a trained chef and has been working in star gastronomy for over 10 years. Through various events we have tried to bring upscale cuisine to Träbes and were curious about the response of the guests. It was an experience for every guest who agreed to challenge their taste buds for an evening.

In 2009 we enlarged our entrance area and renovated the staircase to the hotel rooms.

But please don't think that only gourmet cuisine is offered here.

That's not in our philosophy. We would like to support the region with our company and show you that we have beautiful places to stay here.

From 2020-2021 there will be a major renovation of the Trabeser farmhouse parlour.

Those years will likely remain deep and ingrained within each of us. But we dared to take the step to enlarge and renovate the Trabeser farmhouse parlour. We didn't know how to proceed, but we only had this time to start this project.

After the conversion, our Trabeser farmhouse parlor has 9 double rooms and  1 single room.

The restaurant can seat up to 80 people.

At this point I would like to thank the people who supported us in starting and carrying out this project.

DEHOGA Thuringia B. Rauschenplatt

Office for construction planning M. Fleischmann

Sparkasse Meiningen M. Wagner

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